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Group Yoga Sessions

These are open for anyone to come, provided you are capable of getting down on the floor and back up (no matter how quickly or slowly) without help. For those who need assistance here, see private sessions. 

The class is dimly lit and there is a calm atmosphere. It is very important to me that everyone is doing the practice in a way that is healing and I take the time to explain and show things so that all attending can leave feeling better than they did when they arrived. 

Private Yoga and Bodywork Sessions

These are for those with limited mobility, or those hoping to deepen their practice. People usually see unbelievable transformation in three months. I take great care to formulate a session that serves your individual needs and brings you into greater mobility health and relief from pain.


Reiki Massage 

I am new to reiki massage and am excited to add it to my repertoire. This is similar to a traditional massage done on a massage table, but also incorporates energy work and energy healing. It is very important to me to help people achieve long term healing and transformation, so I use energy work to communicate with your body on a cellular level and help you to find greater alignment and ease.

Chakra Balancing

I do a technique of helping to balance and open the chakras. This can be done upon request in either a reiki massage or private yoga and bodywork session.

Sage Cleansing

(Smoke Medicine)

This technique is commonly known as smudging although I am among other European herbalists trying to use another term than smudging because that term is taken from Native cultures and could be construed as cultural appropriation so I do my best in this regard. If you want a light cleansing I can do so at my studio during your Private Yoga and Bodywork session or during a reiki massage, although if you want a deeper cleansing, we will meet outdoors. If you would like a sage cleansing please schedule a 30 minute Reiki Massage or you could do Private Yoga and Bodywork session and just request it is outside and that you want smoke medicine. 

I love doing other things than my normal offerings, so if you want me to come teach at your school or to travel for an event, send me an email and I would be happy to work something out with you. 

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