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All yoga sessions at this time are being held in my online studio including the special session above. Please join at the online studio page to access all sessions at any time. I may be offering outdoor sessions soon so please sign up for my email list and follow me on fb at facebook.com/terrasolhealingarts for updates on this information.

Online Studio


Full Moon Manifestation Meditation


                                                                   with Restorative Yoga

        Now happening Online and will be released before the full moon in April 9


These sessions below are all now available in online studio with 1-4 sessions added per month. The sessions are entry level sessions but also deepening and engaging for those who are more experienced with yoga & meditation. You can expect more specialty sessions to be made available as time passes with session topics honoring your requests!

Compassion Meditation & 

Heart Opening Flow


Surrender Meditation &

Gentle Flow

Grounding Meditation &

Yoga Flow