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All yoga sessions at this time are being held in the online studio tab on this site. Navigate there from the top, then create an account and subscribe to access all sessions at any time.


The Sacred Healing Yoga Studio

is now home

to the following sessions:


Feel Better Flow

Surrender Meditation & Gentle Yoga


Compassion Meditation & Heart Opening Yoga

Full Moon Manifestation Meditation & Restorative Yin

Intermediate Strong & Open Hips Flow

Grounding Meditation & Yoga Flow

Easy Chill Out Flow


To navigate to the sacred healing yoga studio, go to the "online studio" tab. Most sessions in this studio are entry level sessions while also deepening and engaging for those who are more experienced with yoga & meditation. With a monthly subscription to the online studio you can access high value content at a low price and return to the sessions again and again. If you feel called to experience these online sessions but money is your limiting factor, please reach out to me. I want this to be available to those who need it and am able to give those in need access at no charge. That being said, those with subscriptions make the free spots possible, so I appreciate your support abundantly! Be anticipating more sessions including specialty sessions to be made available as time passes with topics honoring your requests! Please let me know if there is a specific thing you would like to learn more about or practice with me in the Sacred Healing Yoga Studio! 

Thank you for growing with me,


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