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How to Make Herbally Infused Oils

Benefits of Herbal Body Oiling:

-Herbal body oiling is a cornerstone to ayruvedic (the sister science to yoga) medicine. This is often the FIRST thing ayruvedic practitioners will ask you to do.

-The fats in the oils REGENERATE your nervous system and actually heal nerve and skin damage, hydrate aching muscles, and shifts your nervous system from sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) to parasympathetic (safe, meditative, at peace).

-The herbs you choose have innumerable benefits and you can absorb them through your bodies largest organ. Especially in the winter your body is begging for this kind of love.

-Another wonderful way herbal body oiling is helpful is that for empaths or those who are really sensitive or introverted the oil literally and ethereally creates a thicker skin so you are more protected from others and the world around you.

-It is also a wonderful and very tangible way to give yourself love. In all of my reiki massages I am using the herbal body oils I make from all organic and thoughtfully combined herbs/oils to give you that extra boost of healing and relief.

-Relief from pain, anxiety, and skin conditions

-A tangible way to connect with and get to know yourself better

I may offer a class someday in the future and I plan to be making enough eventually to have some on hand for purchase, but for now I just want to share the healing and information and get as many people as I can on this bandwagon of making this medicine for yourself and your family because the power of this medicine is so very real. My New Years gift to you is this simplified recipe. Yes, there can be problems and there are lots of nuances but don't let that stop you from getting started. It is truly so very simple that anyone that can cook the most basic meal can do this. If you feel inspired please try this out (yes it's okay to ask me questions but learning anything is really about just starting and just trying). Besides, what is there to lose, really? You got this!

How to Make Herbally Infused oil


*glass jars

*plastic lids or parchment paper

*fresh or dried herbs (I recommend only doing woody plants fresh as the water content will cause it to spoil more easily) you have around you including but not limited to: preferably organic and ethically harvested juniper, pine or rosemary for inflammation or lavender or rose for relaxation, st johns wort for pain or sun damage, calendula for skin irritation.

*carrier oil: have olive oil in your kitchen? Coconut oil? try it! Buying oil fresh for this project? Try Jojoba or Sunflower. Try to get organic. Generally if you have more oily skin you want a thinner oil like jojoba, or a dryer skin try more protective oil like coconut or olive

*masking tape and pen or marker

*nut milk bag, cheesecloth or organic muslin bag

*maybe need a funnel


1. Fill jar 3/4 full with herb

1.5. *optional add a *tiny splash* of vodka to re-saturate herbs & stir with wooden chop stick or spoon, letting sit 0-12 hours. This increases shelf life, and potency, or add vitamin E oil to increase shelf life*

2. Pour oil almost to the top

3. Stir with wooden or plastic spoon to make sure oil touches all herb and put a plastic lid or metal lid with parchment paper

4. Label with what herb, oil and date it is

5.Love it give it good vibes, do not leave in the sun except for maybe one day if inspired. Shake gently to mix when you think about it but generally just leave it for approximately one moon cycle.

6. Strain, rub all over your body once a day or as needed :)

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