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How to Make Nourishing Herbal Infusions

We've all heard of hot tea, many of us buy the teabags from the store and steep it for 5 minutes and call that medicine, but the thing about that is you're really not able to get the maximum benefit from these medicines when done this way though there is much to be said about the deep healing that happens when we really let ourselves enjoy something, so if you've been doing this and love it please don't stop. One thing I like to do when I want to enjoy a quick cup of herbal tea from a teabag is something my mentor and fairy-godmother Cynthia taught me, which was to simply let it steep for about ten minutes with the LID ON because she says that the best stuff evaporates right away and you want to keep all that good stuff IN your tea. Honestly it's nothing to stress over but a little tip that can help you to get your maximum benefit out of your tea bags :)

If you want to make a herbal infusion for the medicine, vitamins, and life-giving force you will need a lot more herb- 1oz of herb for every 2qts. It is best to grow the herbs yourself, but that is not always possible so if you can find it organic and locally that is best. When that is not possible I often order from Mountain Rose Herbs because it is a ethical herb company.

1. Place dried herb in glass jar in proportions described above

2. Fill to the top with freshly boiled water

3. Immediately put a lid on it

4. Let sit for 12-48 hours

5. Strain and squeeze out remaining water from herbs

6. Drink strong or dilute, also optional to add sweetener

If you want to try this but don't know what to try consider nettles for minerals and energy, or lemon balm for allergies and pain and anxiety.

It can be very beneficial to work with one herb or plant at a time but there is also magic that can happen when you combine thoughtfully. It can also be fun! I like to add rose to most things I make, like nettle rose infusion etc. Pictured here is a Sacral Chakra Womb Healing Blend I have used for teas and infusions as well as yoni steams.

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